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Canon EOS 500D Troulbeshooting Guide

Canon EOS 500D Troulbeshooting Guide


The battery cannot be recharged with the battery charger provided.

  • Do not recharge any battery pack other than a genuine Canon Battery Pack LP-E8.

The camera does not operate even when the power switch is set to <ON>.

  • The battery is not properly installed in the camera
  • Recharge the battery
  • Make sure the battery compartment cover is closed
  • Make sure the card slot cover is closed
  • Press the <> button

The battery charger's lamp blinks.

  • If there is a problem with the battery charger, the protective circuit will stop the charging operation and the charge lamp will blink in orange. If this happens, disconnect the charger's power plug from the power outlet and remove the battery pack. Attach the battery pack to the charger again and wait a while before connecting the charger to a power outlet again.

The access lamp still blinks even when the power switch is set to <OFF>.

  • If the power is cut off while an image is being recorded to the card, the access lamp will still continue to light/blink for a few seconds. When the image recording is completed, the power will turn off automatically.

The battery becomes exhausted quickly.

  • Use a fully-charged battery pack
  • The rechargeable battery pack performance will degrade over repeated use. Purchase a new one.
  • If you use Live View shooting or shoot movies for a prolonged period, the number of possible shots will decrease.

The camera turns off by itself

  • Auto power off is in effect. If you do not want auto power off to take effect, set [ Auto power off] to [Off].
  • Even if [ Auto power off] has been set to [Off], the LCD monitor will still turn off after the camera is idle for 30 min. Press the <> button to turn on the LCD monitor.
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