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CCH Fanta Fridge

DIY Repair

Fix the most common fridge problems yourself 

First Step


Second Step


Needed tools:

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Hair dryer
  • Level
  • Long brush
  • Nut driver
  • Vacuum

Let's get started:

  • To begin, check the water inlet tube for ice.
    • Pro tip: The tube that supplies water to your ice maker can get plugged with ice when the water pressure is low. The trickling water freezes and plugs the tube before it reaches the ice maker.
  • To remove the ice maker, take out the screws that hold the ice maker in place.
  • Unplug the wiring harness and remove the ice maker to expose the water inlet tube.


  • Melt the ice in the water inlet tube with a hair dryer.
  • Don't stop until water stops dripping from the tube.

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.

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