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Customer Quality Complaint - Nail Hole Damages


Use the section below to understand the next logical steps and checklist for needed items on transportation investigations. 


CSR Steps

1. Begin by identifying the category and sub-category for the issue(s). 

2. Ensure the customer has included a picture of the damaged box or products. If not, ask for it using the FCC Request for More Info template.

3. Wait for the customer respond.

4. Change the status to In Process - Plant / Inspection to reassign to the right person(s).

Plant / Investigator Steps

1. Plant / Inspector(s)  should identify and issue and fill out the appropriate fields:

- Investigation

- Root Cause (drop down)

- Root Cause (free text)

- Corrective Action(s)

2. Change the status to In Process - QA Manager for next level review.

QA Manager Steps

1. Review / edit the case as necessary. 

2. Select the "Responsible Party"

3. Change the status to QC Complete - Sales Manager

Sales Manager Steps

Send to Sales Manager to contact customer (appropriate party) using an email template.

1. Review the case and choose to:

- Send customer an email using FCC Complaint Resolved template   -or-

- Reject back to QA Manager

2. Set to soft-close for administrator to review.

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