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[HCE] When is the warranty repair service not applicable?

A. If the equipment warranty period specified by the company has expired.
B. If a genuine product was not used without prior approval from the company.
C. If a customer modifies the equipment without the company’s approval.
D. If the defective part is lost or damaged.
E. If the equipment is used in a way that exceeds the equipment specifications defined by the company.
F. If a malfunction is caused by a customer who fails to comply with the method of operation, periodic inspection, maintenance and storage, as described in the instruction manual (user's manual) of the company.
G. If a malfunction becomes more serious because proper actions are not taken at the time it happens.
H. If a malfunction is caused by light bulbs, fuses, brake linings, belts, filters, wiper brushes, various oil, motor brushes, nozzles, clutch disks and similar consumables.
I. If an accident occurs due to a customer’s negligence.
J. If a malfunction is caused by natural disaster, national emergency, riot, war and other similar reasons.
K. If a malfunction occurs or becomes serious because the customer fails to have the product repaired at a branch/sales agent or A/S center (or designated maintenance factory).
L. In the event of a customer’s sensory complaint about light noise, noise, vibration and such like which does not seem to affect the performance or function of the product.
M. If a malfunction occurs due to a customer’s negligence.
O. If a malfunction occurs due to the use of contaminated fuel and improper management of the lubricant.
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