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Heavy Duty Intermediate bulk containers a strong and lightweight alternative to big bags or metal crates for coarse and powdery products



How does “going slim” instead of “big and bulky” sound?


The corrugated alternative for those who are seeking to improve their IBC supply chain process. Our light but heavy duty Octabin containers offer an array of benefits resulting in process and transport savings. Up to approximately 1000kg can be filled in our double or triple wall heavy duty solutions. Your specific solution will be developed in cooperation with you to identify the full set of requirements and to develop the most effective solution both in performance and costs. Our expertise extends also to the development of Octabins for robotic packaging lines and cool chain applications for frozen berries and peas.
Octabin variants ranging from telescopic to liner options and bottom discharge solutions.



Mondi Octabin (on the photo above)



  • Fully recyclable
  • Metal free closure option
  • Easy to erect
  • Printable for branding
  • Strong performance in the cool chain


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