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This article provides an introduction and general overview of the End Suction Pump.


NB, NBG are non-self-priming, single stage, centrifugal volute pumps with axial inlet port and radial outlet port.

Receiving the Product

Follow these unpacking instructions to ensure you do not damage your end pump.


The pumps are tested 100 % before leaving the factory. The test includes a function test where the pump performance is measured to ensure that the pump meets the requirements of relevant standards. Test certificates are available from Grundfos. 

Transporting the Product

Always transport the pump in the specified position. During transport, the pump must be fastened securely to prevent damage to the shaft and shaft seal caused by excessive vibrations and knocks. Do not lift the pump by means of the shaft. 

Storing the Product

The contractor must inspect the equipment on delivery and make sure that it is stored in such a way that corrosion and damage are avoided. If more than six months will pass before the equipment is put into operation, please consider applying a suitable corrosion inhibitor to the internal pump parts.

Make sure that the corrosion inhibitor used does not affect the rubber parts with which it comes into contact.

Make sure that the corrosion inhibitor can easily be removed.

To prevent water, dust, etc. from entering the pump, keep all openings covered until the pipes are to be fitted. The cost of having to dismantle the pump during startup to remove foreign objects can be very high. 

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