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Electrical Connection

This article covers the required electrical hardware and connections that must be made in order for the pump to operate correctly.

The electrical connection must be carried out by a qualified electrician in accordance with local regulations.

Before removing the terminal box cover and before removing/dismantling the pump, make sure that the power supply has been switched off.

The pump must be connected to an external mains switch.

The operating voltage and frequency are stated on the nameplate. Make sure that the motor is suitable for the power supply of the installation site.

The electrical connection must be carried out as shown in the wiring diagram inside the terminal box cover.

Whenever using powered equipment in potentially explosive environments, observe the rules and regulations generally or specifically imposed by the relevant responsible authorities or trade organisations. 

Motor Protection

Connect three-phase motors to a motor-protective circuit breaker.

All three-phase Grundfos MG and MMG motors of 3 kW and up incorporate a thermistor. See the instructions in the motor terminal box.

Carry out the electrical connection as shown in the wiring diagram on the back side of the terminal box cover.

Before starting any repair work on motors incorporating a thermal switch or thermistors, make sure that the motor cannot restart automatically after cooling. 

Frequency Converter Operation

All three-phase motors can be connected to a frequency converter.

Frequency converter operation will often expose the motor insulation system to a heavier load and cause the motor to be more noisy than usual due to eddy currents caused by voltage peaks.

A large motor driven via a frequency converter will be loaded by bearing currents. 

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