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Follow these maintenance directions to maximize the life of your End Suction Pump.

Pump Maintenance

The pump is maintenance-free.

Mechanical Shaft Seals

Mechanical shaft seals are maintenance-free, working almost without any leakages. If any considerable and increasing seepage occurs, check the mechanical shaft seal immediately. If the sliding surfaces are damaged, replace the entire shaft seal. Treat mechanical shaft seals with the greatest care.


Check the motor at regular intervals. It is important to keep the motor clean in order to ensure adequate ventilation. If the pump is installed in a dusty environment, clean and check it regularly.


Motor bearings

Motors up to and including frame size 132 have maintenance-free, greased-for-life bearings.

Motors larger than frame size 132 must be greased according to the indications on the motor nameplate. Grease spills from the motor may occur.

Bearing Grease

Use lithium-based grease according to the following specifications:

  • NLGI class 2 or 3
  • viscosity of basic oil: 70 to 150 cSt at +40 °C
  • temperature range: -30 °C to +140 °C during continuous operation. 
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