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Safe adaptor connection

The RiLine Compact adaptors support fast connection of cables and devices. What's more, the 80 A infeed adaptor offers screw-free connection with a contact point that is completely maintenance-free. The component adaptors with preassembled connection cables satisfy the special requirements of standard IEC 61 439, for safe, space-saving assembly of switchgear and protective gear.


Space-saving installation of motor controllers

RiLine Compact motor controllers are used to control motor drives. They have an exceptionally space-saving design and require 50% less space than conventionally wired motor control units. They are suitable for use with direct and reversing starter combinations. The hybrid technology creates a low-loss motor controller which is particularly gentle on the switching contacts; this in turn helps to extend the service life.


Guaranteed global use

◾ Approvals to IEC and UL

◾ Fire protection corresponding to UL 94-V0

◾ Use of equipment from any manufacturer


RiLine Compact Board  

◾ 225 mm and 405 mm versions

◾ With 5 or 9 horizontal pitches (HP) @ 45 mm

◾ All-round contact hazard protection

◾ Up to 125 A From page 12



◾ Busbar connection adaptor with spring terminal block

◾ Basic and comfort adaptor

◾ New: Build width 22.5 mm with integral fuse holder From page 13


Motor controller

◾ For motor and reversing starters up to 4 kW

◾ With electronic overload protection From page 19

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