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Tubing Heads

Tubing Heads
tubing head (n.) - Equipment attached to the casing spool used to hang the tubing (smallest casing string) and seal the annulus between the tubing and casing. The top spool on a wellhead assembly contains the highest pressure in the wellhead, and contains a load shoulder to hang the tubing hanger and tubing string. When the well is completed, the tree is installed on top of the head with a tubing head adapter. Providing a means to support and test the BOPs while completing the well, the tubing

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  • TC-ET
    With one aligning pin, the TC-ET accepts all of the standard "TC" tubing hangers, with the exception of a dual-completion hanger. Utilizing elastomer seal technology, the TC-ET can be machined with one or two seals in the bottom prep, depending on your operational requirements. More economical to recondition after well abandonment, the TC-ET is designed with a straight bowl for maximum efficiency.
  • TCM-ET
    Designed for use with a metal seal, the TCM-ET uses no aligning pins. The option exists, however, to add multiple aligning pins to convert the TCM-ET into the TC-60 or WD-ET for dual completions.
    • TC-60-ET
      A model designed for versatility, the TC-60-ET is one of the most widely used tubing heads in the oilfield. Three aligning pins offer compatibility to either single or dual completion, even in tight-delivery situations. No machining modification is required to adapt this tubing head to your well, regardless of the change in circumstances.
      • TC-WD-ET
        The "WD" designation in this tubing head indicates a wedge configuration. The wedge is used for alignment on specific types of FMC tubing hangers, with this particular design allowing for the alignment of multiple-string tubing hangers without external manipulation methods. Like all FMC tubing heads, the TC-WD-ET is of a straight-bore design, more economical to recondition after abandonment.


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