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Standard Bank Individual KYC Process

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KYC stands for Know Your Customer

KYC documents are:

  • Your green barcoded ID or a valid passport if you are a foreign national.
  • Your proof of residence - in other words, a document not older than 3 months which shows your name and residential address, not your PO Box address.
  • If other people hold cards linked to YOUR account, they must also provide their KYC documents.

Some examples of acceptable proof of residence are:

  • A utility bill
  • A landline or cell phone account
  • A municipal rates and taxes invoice
  • A letter from your councillor or local chief or
  • A retail statement
  • Latest tax return
  • A short term insurance policy

First Step

Begin by obtaining the KY from  Standard Bank Individual KYC Process

Second Step

Come to your closest branch.

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