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Energy check

Easy overview of Life Cycle Cost

With energy prices always on the rise, it makes good sense to regularly check if your pumps are using too much electricity. An Energy check from Grundfos provides you with a little extra knowledge. It gives you an overview of the life-cycle costs (LCC) of one or more pumps, facilitating decisions on pump replacement and ultimately cutting your energy consumption, benefiting your financials and the environment.


An Energy check from Grundfos comes in two versions:

  • basic Energy check is performed at your site using data from the name plates of pumps and motors
  • An advanced Energy check is based on data from your SCADA system or from onsite measurements without load profile mapping.

The Energy check takes into account pump data (Q, H and P2), pump age, and operating hours; factors that are known to impact energy consumption.

After the Energy check, you receive a detailed report with hard facts and recommendations that can be used for further analysis or as a basis for pump or system modifications or replacement.


  • Accurate information on energy consumption
  • Improved environmental profile
  • Your facility will meet design standards for energy using products on circulators and pump motors
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