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GRM Solution Management

Remote management via the Internet

GRM Solution Management is an efficient and cost effective alternative to costly SCADA systems or similar. With our Internet-based solution, you get a little extra overview with reliable performance data from your pumping installation at a very low cost, and with complete system security and reliability.


You can monitor the performance of all pump installations and get an overview of all alarms and warnings, and you may access live data on your mobile phone. The application is hosted on a secure Grundfos server and is accessed using any Internet-enabled PC.

GRM Solution Management includes the following offerings:

  • GRM Basic Installation including hardware and commissioning. If you are using Grundfos E-pumps, this is the only offering you need
  • GRM Extended I & O for installations where data are not available through Grundfos E-pumps
  • 1 year GRM license with or without a GSM card
  • GRM consultancy for solving installation problems at your site

GRM Solution Management. All the system performance knowledge you need at a very competitive price.​


  • A reliable foundation of performance data for making decisions about the pump installation
  • Instant SMS text alarm messages to relevant personnel when needed
  • Minimal initial investment and fixed operating costs
  • Data security and system reliability with solution hosted at Grundfos
  • Reduced need for onsite inspection work
  • Monitoring of pump and system performance
  • An overview of energy consumption
  • Plug & play integration
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